my vision on design
Looking at the field of interspecies design, I see a future where we break down the barriers between humans and non-humans. This allows us to gain a deeper and more meaningful understanding of our shared environment. 
In this future, the role of designers will extend to creating space for debate, exchange, and mutual learning and growth. This way, we can challenge each other beyond our comfort zones and explore new ways of thinking and creating. My role as a facilitator is to provide the tools, methods, and opportunities for designers to develop these skills, fostering an environment where we can learn from each other and bring out the best in ourselves. 
By following and staying true to this vision, we can create a space where the design will surpass species boundaries, encouraging empathy, mutual understanding, and appreciation for the unusual and unfamiliar in all living forms.
way of working 
I grow in situations where the unexpected unfolds, as I am not a fan of rigidly following rules. Instead, I find that this openness adds to my creative flow, always seeking unexplored perspectives. However, I maintain a clear understanding of the expectations and guidelines, allowing me to navigate challenges with confidence and composure, even in unfamiliar or ambiguous circumstances. I approach these situations with a mindset of understanding and adaptation, rather than feeling overwhelmed.
I am constantly looking for opportunities to learn and develop my creativity because I place a strong emphasis on knowledge and spontaneity. My passion for education development and personal identity enables me to connect diverse cultures and perspectives, enriching my approach to design.
My working method is adaptive and experimental, enabling me to engage with both human and non-human perspectives and experiences. In this context, I see myself as a facilitator, creating a nurturing environment where mutual learning, growth, and care can flourish. By empowering designers to challenge conventional boundaries and develop innovative solutions, I actively contribute to fostering a more interconnected and harmonious world.
Through my designs, I embody the principles of more-than-human thinking, emphasising the interconnectedness of all living beings and promoting a deeper understanding and appreciation for our shared existence. As an interspecies designer, I facilitate transformative interactions, bridging the gap between different forms of life and guiding the exploration of new possibilities in design. Embracing this role, I strive to inspire positive change and contribute to the creation of a more inclusive and sustainable future.
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